Fast Facts

Year Founded:
Based in:
Berlin, Germany
Studio Microphones
Fabble Partners:
4 Years

Brand Story

Georg Neumann GmbH, founded in 1928 and based in Berlin, Germany, is a prominent manufacturer of professional recording microphones. Neumann is well known for its legendary condenser microphones such as the U87 and the TLM 103. The versatile inventive genius and pioneer Georg Neumann simultaneously developed phonograph record-cutting machines and rechargeable batteries. The latter's technology remains the basis for today's omnipresent storage batteries.

 In the year 1991 Neumann became an important part of the Sennheiser Group. Since 2010, Neumann offers this expertise in electro-acoustic transducer technologies to the studio monitoring market and will provide optimum solutions to its customers in the areas of TV and radio broadcasting, recording, and audio productions. The company headquarters, with the development, marketing, sales and service departments, continues to be located in Berlin, where the 75th anniversary of the company was celebrated in 2003 and the 80th anniversary in 2008.