Fast Facts

Year Founded:
Based in:
Wennebostel, Germany
Pro Audio Headphones
Fabble Partners:
3 Years

Brand Story

For over 75 years, Sennheiser microphones, professional headphones and wireless systems came with a built-in mission: to stay true to the sound and soul the music was given by its artist. From the fragile intimacy of a whispered word to the deep dark punch of an attacking bassline, Sennheiser pro audio products deliver pure emotion and excitement. A quality that has convinced a broad spectrum of artists – from Franz Ferdinand to the White Stripes to the Sugababes, and of course music lovers all over the world.

Sennheiser offer a solution for every audio challenge—ranging from a wireless microphone to capture amazing audio quality for your film projects to performing in front of thousands of fans. Select your application or go directly to your preferred series or system to get more details.